• Our development centre in the Nový Bor region has new technology available for the application of nano layers.
  • Our goal is come up with new and unique solutions in their use. We focus both on the shift of existing ones and on the development of entirely new ones, which can be mutually combined.
  • We are endeavouring to achieve exceptional decorative and useful properties of products and materials, which will thus acquire further application in design, industrial production, the construction industry, etc.
  • In R&D, we collaborate with the technical universities in Liberec, Pardubice and Brno, which provide us with important facilities for testing and finding optimal production processes and methods. In this close collaboration we are able to provide solutions for continuous improvement of nano layers and their application.
  • We are not afraid of specific and demanding requirements. As part of the development process, we are ready to find a concrete solution just for you.